Climb for a Cause

An epic alpine attempt to benefit the NRECA International fund.

January 25 – February 15, 2023 Aconcagua (22,873 ft) Argentina, South America

Our Goal


Every dollar raised helps bring electricity to the Guatemalan regions of Alta and Baja verapuz.

Follow the journey of the team on their quest to summit the highest mountain in the Western hemisphere.

Dave Taylor

Jim Emerick

Michael Foster

Patrick Frawley

Combining his personal values of adventure and helping others, Dave Taylor is striving for a personal goal in his 6-year climbing career, along with a goal
to give back to the people of Guatemala.

Through LDR’s long-standing relationship with the NRECA, Dave and his team have worked closely with rural electric cooperatives and have a deep appreciation of what it takes to turn the lights on -and keep them on- for families and communities in dire need of electricity.

“The feeling I get when I’m on a summit must be like the feeling a family gets the first time their lights come on, and they realize how life-changing it will be for them from that moment forward.”

– Dave Taylor, CEO, LDR Leadership

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100% of donations go to support families in Guatemala.
NRECA Internaltional Fund is a 501c3