Where do you conduct the Outdoor Team Building events?2024-04-05T14:01:09-04:00

All outdoor team building events are customized, tailor-made events conducted within close proximity to the client’s location.

How do you assess an organization’s culture of leadership and performance? How is that used?2024-05-13T03:34:33-04:00

We have an organizational assessment that asks questions of supervisors and managers to establish a baseline of how the organization’s culture and performance is measured across the Performance Management Training System training pillars of development, coaching, engagement, relationship management, and reinforcement. We then take the results and directly incorporate them into a customized training solution.

Are all your instructors from military backgrounds?2024-04-05T14:00:43-04:00

No, while we are veteran-owned business, our instructors come with extensive backgrounds from across the public, private, academic, and non-profit sectors.

What are the outcomes of training with LDR Leadership?2024-04-05T14:00:30-04:00

Leaders, supervisors, and managers who master basic leadership skills and are inspired to be their absolute best. Often, organizations promote individuals because they are technically competent and assume they understand how to be managers – without providing any sort of leader/manager training. We provide that solution.

What happens after the initial three-day training session?2024-05-13T03:34:42-04:00

At LDRL, one of our foundational values is ‘partnership’ and we pride ourselves on working hard to develop a genuine, ongoing partnership with each client to ensure the system is effectively implemented and takes hold within the organization. We work with each client to develop a customized follow-up plan to mentor, advise, and/or conduct periodic training refreshers over the course of several years to ensure the Performance Management Training System principles are understood and incorporated “where the rubber meets the road”.

How long is the typical training for the Performance Management Training System?2024-05-13T03:33:50-04:00

The training days within this three-day course normally go from 8:00 – 4:00 with plenty of breaks to keep participants fresh and engaged.

What offerings are part of the Performance Management Training System?2024-05-13T03:34:11-04:00

Our Performance Management Training System consists of two distinct courses; the 2-day 810.1, Proactive Performance Coaching (PPC) course and the 1-day 820.1 Problem Identification and Decision Making (PIDDM) course.

What is the most popular program that companies use?2024-05-13T03:34:56-04:00

Our 3-day Performance Management Training System. This is our flagship offering that companies install as their systemic method of addressing performance and behavioral issues within an organization. It has become the standard and is a proven organizational-wide system for performance management.

How long does each course run?2024-04-05T13:59:22-04:00

Most courses run from four hours to a full day depending upon which offering and if customized for time. We do offer a few courses that are one or two hours in length and are great for pairing with other shorter courses to fill up a day’s training.

Is your training standardized or can it be customized?2024-04-05T13:59:10-04:00

We at LDRL have a comprehensive curriculum that was painstakingly built with a “building block” approach to helping leaders at every level grow and develop. At the same time, we take great pride in partnering with our clients to build customized programs that fit their individual needs.

Are the training sessions in person or virtual?2024-04-05T13:58:51-04:00

We can deliver our training sessions virtually, but our primary means of delivery is for our instructors to travel to the client site to engage the learner face-to-face and get to know them.

What makes LDR Leadership (LDRL) different from other leadership training companies?2024-04-05T13:58:31-04:00

We have a proven track record of providing over 25 years of tangible results for those who adopt our copyrighted Proactive Performance Coaching (PPC) model. Our methodology is evidence-based and not built upon the latest “leadership good idea or trend”.


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