Knowing the importance of a task and how it impacts the larger mission locks everyone in and makes them more committed to success.

Businesses thrive or unravel based on leadership. It can’t be taken for granted and should be consistently fostered.

The 2018 Workplace Learning Report, in which LinkedIn surveyed 500 learning and development leaders from companies across North America, found that 27 percent of organizations increased spending for their learning and development teams in 2017. These investments aren’t just about managing the company better—they’re about managing and developing its people better.

While these investments show the importance placed on individual development, my personal management style wasn’t honed during a seminar or a leadership conference. It was formed during my eight years in the military and as a U.S. special operations officer and strike force commander, an honor that gifted me a lifetime’s worth of experience working with and learning from a wide array of people.

Business, like the armed services, unites individuals behind a common purpose and a common set of operating principles or values. And neither can succeed without strong leadership.

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