A tried-and-true physical fitness routine does more than keep your body fit. Research by the National Center for Biotechnology Information shows that exercise combatsstress-induced damage to the hippocampus, the brain’s center for learning and memory.

In short, fitness routines optimize a person’s physical, mental and cognitive health — three prongs of fitness which constitute valuable tools for any entrepreneur or business leader.

Maintaining a fitness regimen during business travel, however, can be difficult. My eight years in the military, including time as a U.S. Army special operations strike force commander, taught me the importance of a disciplined routine. A regular routine, after all, is everything when it comes to maintaining health, wellness and fitness; and travel almost always threatens that routine: Your diet will likely change; your movement is often restricted, regardless of whether you fly or drive; and time-zone changes can lead to jet lag, which stresses your body still further.

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