In today’s fast-paced, globalized world, leadership and management training has become an essential part of the sustainable growth of every business. LDR Leadership was founded on a belief that great people can make great teams and great teams can produce extraordinary results—LDR Leadership’s mission is to help guide organizations and people to be their best through leadership training and performance coaching. With a highly educated cadre of instructors, some with backgrounds in the U.S. Army Special Operations, and high levels of academia, and various levels of corporate America—all of whom are experts in team-building psychology—LDR Leadership aims to help businesses achieve their goals. “We’re taking the best research and the best practice, to the clients, to offer an evidence-based model for leadership training,” asserts Dave Taylor, Director of LDR Leadership.

Sixty years of combined military experience and more than thirty-five years of academic study and research on organizational performance is the backbone to the programs offered. The research and experience are delivered in an easy to follow curriculum that gives new and upcoming leaders the tools to create genuine cultural change inside of an organization. This sets LDR Leadership apart from its competitors. The company offers effective leadership training and performance coaching through its “Performance Management Series©”.

The series involves interactive, in-person training sessions designed to improve leaders and create impactful cultural shifts. “The Performance Management Series© is our biggest differentiator as it is not a fire-and-forget model that fades away in a couple of days. It is a program that enables companies to drive lasting cultural change and increase performance,” explains Taylor. The courses are aimed at teaching leaders, managers, and supervisors, the practical steps of improving the effectiveness of their management approach.

Offered in a classroom-style interactive setting, the program has been working for private industry for over 20 years. “We do extensive research to support our practice and we have seen this as the best approach to solving leadership challenges,” states Taylor. “I would love to have had this program during my 24 years in the military as it provides the tools and the know-how for supervisors and managers to have performance- related discussions with their team.” A lot of leaders find it difficult to measure their management team.

In response to this, LDR Leadership created the “LDR Leadership Diagnostic,” which is a proprietary online tool to help companies digitally track the progression or regression of their teams and their leaders. It is a way to create a baseline for your teams’ performance because know that can be difficult to quantify. We believe in our program helping organizations create tangible, long-lasting changes. Often organizations struggle to measure the performance of their existing management training or the performance of their management team.

The diagnostic helps us practice what we preach, “accountability and communication is the pathway to success as a management team” and the diagnostic holds ourselves and our instructors accountable to facilitating a better management culture and creating better teams. This is a unique tool that most of our competitors do not have to hold themselves accountable and ensures the client gets a tangible return on their investment.

Additionally, LDR Leadership offers a high-performing team- building exercise, which is both classroom and experiential-based outdoor learning. It is a team-building experience based on first- hand knowledge of business strategy, military combat training, and senior leadership, and involves physically and mentally challenging exercises. “Our aim is to align with the culture that the company is trying to establish itself in order to stay within the framework of the team-building exercise. We provide the flexibility to modify our programs as we not only want to help enforce standards, but also a culture of high performance and positive reinforcement,” says Taylor.

Success stories of several clients across complex verticals, including insurance and facility management, are a testament to LDR Leadership’s capabilities and proven curriculum. For instance, back in 2017, a company that was beginning to revise its existing policies approached LDR Leadership for its expertise. In order to bring in the right structure to the enforcement, the company brought effective methods for creating positive behavioral changes within an organization.

Since then, after the installation of the series, the company takes part in an annual refresher program to help ensure the key tenets of the program are in place, answer any questions and update the leaders with any new information regarding the progression or regression of their teams. It helps ensure the culture of their organization continues in a proactive and positive manner relating to employee development. “We’re not giving people a problem that they have to fix themselves but rather giving them effective tools to make them a better self- sustaining team,” explains Taylor.

LDR Leadership strives to continue growing and scaling its service offerings. “Being a service- oriented company, we strongly believe in relationships, and we think of our clients as partners because their success is what makes us happy. Our goal is to help them stay successful, and that is our driving force,” states Taylor. “We stand behind our offerings and guarantee a service that meets or exceeds client expectations!”