LDRL training is backed by science and presented in easy-to-follow programs designed to improve leader effectiveness.

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Every employee has great leadership potential. The LDR Leadership training series identifies the unique challenges from the boardroom to the front line and transforms organizations into a true leadership culture.

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810.1 – Proactive Performance Coaching – Seminar

Effective methods for influencing behavioral/cultural workplace changes.

810.2 – Performance Management Training (PMT) Overview

Overview of 3-day program for both supervisors and employees.

810.3 – PMT Leader Follow-Up/Reinforcement

Virtual reinforcement of the foundational principles of the PMT program.

810.4 – PMT Leader Annual Refresher

A 2-part event designed for those who have completed the PMT Program (PPC & PIDDM);
Part 1 serves as the maintenance component of the PMT Program by providing an update of new material and as a refresher of the PPC coaching principles, the coaching model, and the principles and different models of decision-making.
Part 2 is “sign-up only” and an individual discussion that is confidential and intended to augment the classroom training.

820.1 – Problem Identification & Decision-Making (PIDDM)

Demonstrates the importance of concise problem identification as the first step in decision-making and underscores the many frailties of human logic and the variables impacting good decision-making.

820.2 – Rapid Decision-Making (RDM)

Demonstrates the “everyday use” of heuristics and how to improve decision-making within stressful, ‘real-time’ situations.

820.3 – Deliberate Decision-Making (DDM)

Builds upon PIDDM and focuses on sound, deliberate decision-making models impacting our ability to analyze and synthesize new information into impactful decisions of consequence.

820.4 – Leader Decision-Making Exercises (LDE)

Designed to improve decision-making by exercising the brain with relevant, challenging, ambiguous, time-constrained exercises designed to grow critical thinking skills, expand problem-solving techniques, broaden individual heuristics, enhance team building and consensus-making – all while challenging and strengthening individual character, ethics, and values.

830.1 – Values in Leadership

Exploring how great leaders develop and display inspiring values, traits, and influence to inspire individuals and create higher performing teams.

830.2 – The Communication Skills of a Leader

Demonstrates the critical nature of communication and how to improve and incorporate those skills into every aspect of influencing behavior and developing/leading higher performing teams.

830.3 – The Emotional Intelligence Skills of a Leader

Demonstrates concepts and techniques for improving individual emotional intelligence and applying that skill to create positive, impactful outcomes in our individual and professional lives.

830.4 – Transitioning into Management

Designed for prospective leaders to prepare individuals for a supervisory position and to describe the basic skill development necessary to lead high performing teams.

840.1 – High Performing Teams

Discuss how teams succeed in high-pressure situations through interactive discussions & exercises.

840.2 – Science of Teams 

Contextualizes the scientifically derived data behind why team size and compelling purpose matter.

840.3 – Diversity in Teams

Concepts and practices provide insight into how diversity of thought can achieve greater outcomes.

840.4 – Multi-Generational Teams

Focuses on peeling back societal stereotypes about each generation while working on communication, empathy, and understanding different motivations to facilitate cohesiveness across generations.

850.1 -Organizational Diagnostic Assessment

Anonymous surveys completed by supervisors and employees to provide valuable information used to develop a customized PMT training program for your organization.

850.2 – Individual Performance Behavior Assessment

Learning to capitalize on individual strengths while modifying and overcoming individual weaknesses from data collected using a Human Behavioral Assessment System.

850.3 – Mount Everest Leadership and Team Event

A facilitated, on-line simulation presenting a series of problem-solving and decision- making challenges focusing on making decisions when critical information is distributed unevenly among members.

850.4 – Outdoor Team Building Event

A challenging & fun event customized for your organizational culture & needs while enhancing respect for each team member and facilitating increased growth of critical thinking, communication, and decision-making.

***Rural Electric Cooperatives must request 900 Series courses through the NRECA

937.1 – Applying Emotional Intelligence in the Boardroom

Focuses understand and developing techniques to improve self-awareness, self-management, social awareness and relationship management to improve boardroom interactivity.

950.1 – Practical Communication Strategies for Directors

Discusses the necessary communication skills for effectively participating in boardroom dynamics, focusing on face-to-face communication, the importance of preparation, and how to be an impactful ‘active listener, utilizing real world examples teaching effective ways to apply communication and other soft skills.

951.1 – Developing Effective Boardroom Decision-Making

Provides techniques & skills needed to listen, identify issues, engage & resolve conflicts to allow satisfactory solutions

952.1 – Increasing Influence and Building Board Consensus

Learn enhanced conflict resolution, negotiation techniques, navigating difficult power asymmetries, establishing influence, and the importance of team diversity.

959.1 – Boardroom Challenges: Connecting Theory to Action

Provides the opportunity to connect the theory of good governance to the action of practical problem solving.

Why the LDRL Method Works

LDRL takes a science-based approach to manager and supervisor training and real-life application.

At the core of our methodology is a deep understanding of the social science that balances the the emotional and the rational cortexes of the brain to enable the most sound decision making.

Our team of veteran leaders integrates this science into an easy-to-follow curriculum that enables a first line supervisor to implement from day one.

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